ClayJoy Pte. Ltd

Clay Works, a leading 3-Dimensional Art Learning Centre in South East Asia with more than 50 centres established, is now in Singapore! We provide you what you truly need for your children in their well-being development. 

Our Structured Curriculums using Clay Modelling techniques enhance your child in the following:

  • Stimulate Imagination and Creativity
  • Accelerate Cognitive Development: IQ; EQ
  • Enhance Visual and Spatial Intelligence (Colour senses, Proportioning skills)
  • Sharpen Sensory and Motor skills
  • Instill Confidence; Improve Self Expression
  • Improve Concentration: Increase attention span
  • Cultivate the appreciation of Art and Craft
  • Improve Social Skills: Interact with and meet new friends


To be a leading clay art Academy for children, with focus on enhancing the cognitive development and stimulating imagination and creativity of the children through fun learning experiences with clay crafting.



We provide a holistic, fun and creative learning experience through clay crafting which aims to develop, discover and nurture a child’s full potential during early childhood development ; to cultivate a passion for art and to develop clay art as a hobby that is rejuvenating and self-fulfilling.