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  Enrichment Values Clay Works brings  

  • Cognitive Development. Clay modeling through the structured curriculum conducted by Clay Works enhances a child’s mental development, broadens the scope of imagination and unleash hidden creative potential.
  • Sense of Achievement. Trying out different forms of craftwork helps stimulate children’s minds and helps them to think in unconventional ways, it develops their gross motor skills, and the sense of achievement when a child sees his completed project, no matter how messy it is.
  • Self Expression. As a child creates a work of crafting, he/she has begun the process of communicating visually. The child also learn about symbolic communication through the craft he/she creates, such as choosing various and different colors to communicate feelings.  
  • Boost Confidence, Self  Esteem. A child also learns that  the ability to follow directions is an integral part of the satisfaction of seeing the final result when making a craft.  
  • Life Skills. The child  develops problem-solving skills, fine motor skills and even social skills as he/she works with artistic media. The process of making his/her own creations and noticing other people’s creations provides important opportunities for the appreciation of other people’s strength and acceptance of his/her own abilities.
  • Strengthening Academics. Many literacy and mathematical concepts can become easier to comprehend. A child who uses artistic manipulations such as clay modelling can gain mastery of mathematical concepts due to the hands-on nature of the items.
  • Individual Craftsmanship. Children tend to develop his/her own individual craftsmanship interest that can then go on to develop and enhance his/her skills and talent. The child can benefit from setting goals for achievement.
  • Bonding. Foster bonding when done in a group and a mode of expressing their feelings. 
  • Hobby. In today’s world, art and crafts are also translated into a hobby which is a great way for adolescents to spend their free time rather than engage in mindless activities such as gaming on mobile devices/games consoles or indulged in watching TV.
  • Green and Safe. The clay materials have been laboratory tested and proven to be harmless to skin. It is also recyclable, reusable and environmental friendly.

Intrinsic Values

This 3-Dimensional art helps in the development of a child’s IQ, EQ, sense of colour, creative thinking, concentration, imagination and finger muscles.

While the primary focus is in Child’s development, this 3-D art is also a proven medium for parental bonding with their children, and is also  promotes  social interaction among teens.

It serves as an hobby  to allow one to de-stress and to rejuvenate.

Curbing Kids’ use of gadgets : Problems facing parents in Singapore 

Tablets and smartphones are creating a new “touch generation” that is becoming a concern among parents as kids are not fully flexing all their fingers.

The free time of most kids & teens  are usually indulged in playing with game consoles/tablets or watching TV, parents will find Clay Works a good alternative as it offers far more values in terms of child development, concentration and bonding.

Parents usually have to schedule around the fixed timetable of most enrichment classes, however, the learning course at Clay Works offers no fixed schedule or timetable, thereby giving parents the flexibility to plan on when they would like to send their kids to the classes at Clay Works.

Clay Works stores are located in or near to Shopping malls, thus enable parents to keep their  kids at Clay Works  while  doing their shopping.