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Clay Works Singapore has been voted the BEST in Creative Art Programme for Children among the BEST Enrichment &Learning Schools (2015/2016) by Parents World, Singapore's #1 Parenting & Lifestyle Magazine. Find out more in Parents World Nov-Dec 2015 issue. 


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Video Introduction: Values That Clay Works Brings to You And Your Family

There are many ways a child could maximise her/his intelligence and cognitive skills, and Clay Works provides the most fun platform to the kids to improve his spatial reasoning, creativity and geometry. Watch the videos below to learn more. 


Benefits of Clay Works

Our Structured Curriculums using Clay Modelling techniques enhance your child in the following:

  • Stimulate Imagination and Creativity

  • Accelerate Cognitive Development: IQ; EQ

  • Enhance Visual and Spatial Intelligence (Colour senses, Proportioning skills)

  • Sharpen Sensory and Motor skills

  • Instill Confidence; Improve Self Expression

  • Improve Concentration: Increase attention span

  • Cultivate the appreciation of Art and Craft

  • Improve Social Skills: Interact with and meet new friends


Picking the right enrichment class is important for the well-being and development of a child in the age from pre-school to early primary.  And this is why Clayworks is the best place for your kids to learn through fun projects!

Power of Clay Works

CHeck out clayworks' clay at work

CHeck out clayworks' clay at work

Clay Works' modeling clay is light and soft. It's not just easy to form shapes, it is also easy to fix without glue. The colours are mixable. At such, there are many fun ways one could create with Clay Works' clay. Learn more about the power of Clay Works here.

Kids' Creations

Kids are creative, so why not let them have fun?

Kids are creative, so why not let them have fun?

At Clay Works, we promote children's creativity through spatial reasoning, geometry and spatial creativity. And through better understanding of the material and shapes, they learn how to create their favourite character. Let's go see their works here!

Fun Products

Now you can buy the best modeling clay on the market

Now you can buy the best modeling clay on the market

Clay Works Air-dried Modeling Clay gives kids unlimited room for creative expression! Most importantly, Clay Works is non-toxic and safe for kids, having obtained safety certificates from SGS. Read more here.